Burning yourself out trying to make something work when nothing is working isn’t always dedication.
A Zen koan says that we all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one. My life has definitely proved that to be true…
Students can either start their own brand, join a team, or offer freelance services.
An overview of the upcoming chapters. My branding and action process is built around an acronym, DREAMS. Each letter works together creating a…
Leaders create opportunity and freedom and action. They're almost always rebels.
We don’t need a budget to start. We’ll create value by doing something, and then get paid for it afterward.
It's incredible to be at the end of the book! And ahead of schedule.
Writing is happening on-schedule to finish the first draft.

December 2022

Documenting the journey!
The difference between starters and stayers - and that's ok
The Seth Godin keynote that inspired Rebel Dreams
How many of these relate to you?